It is at the beginning of the XX century that Eugenio Marinella throws the bases of what would become one of the most fabulous Neapolitan "successful stories ". In 1914, at the eve of the first world war, Eugenio decided, showing an undeniable amount of courage and initiative, to open a shop in Piazza Vittoria, on the elegant Riviera di Chiaia in Naples, at that time, as today, one of the most beautiful waterfronts in Italy. The position proved to be strategic for a little shop of only 20 square meters, in front of which the Neapolitan high society went walking. After having carried out the works of restructuring and having acquired the two studios, a very large one for the manufacture of shirts, and a smaller one, for the ties, Don Eugenio set out on his first journey to London, to meet his future suppliers...The shop soon becomes a small precious casket in which authentic treasures of refinement and taste can be found, a small corner of England in Naples. In a time when the English style is a lot in fashion, Marinella is the only one to propose, in Naples, a vast range of exclusive products coming from London, exacting the sole right from the English suppliers. At the beginning, the main activity of the shop is not the tie but the shirt, queen of the men wardrobe. With the purpose to be at the top of the fashion and of the quality, Eugenio persuades some artisans shirtmakers, of level without equal, to move from Paris, to teach his workers the art of the cut. With regard to the ties, they are exclusively realized in seven folds: the square is folded up seven times inwards so that to give an incomparable consistence to the tie. It's only a long after that the modern tie with the inside structure makes its appearance. The shop has passed through important historical events that have also changed the course of its history: the two world wars, the decline of the ancient nobility and the appearance of the new middle class with the advent of the American products that bring substantial changes to the fashion. Very careful to the evolutions of the society and of the custom, Eugenio doesn't lose heart and stops the production of shirts for the tie, that becomes the main product of the house Marinella.
The true resumption happens, anyway, in the eighties, when Francesco Cossiga, at the time President of the Republic and friend of the family, becomes a real ambassador of the mark, taking habit to bring in gift to the heads of state, in their official visits, a box containing five Marinella ties. So the trademark starts takeing the tour of the world. The G7 organized in Naples in 1994 definitely opens wide the doors of the very exclusive entourage of suppliers of the greatest ones in the world, to the small Neapolitan firm: the organizers decide in fact to offer to all the present heads of state, a box containing six Marinella ties, bringing an enormous publicity to the mark. The passion for the elegance and the quality still today goes on, thanks to Maurizio Marinella, third generation of the family, that has picked up the inheritance of the mark with an entrepreneurial spirit in agreement with the modern laws of the marketing, succeeding in making the mark E. Marinella be affirmed also abroad, from the United States to Japan. The production signed E.Marinella has preserved the scrupulous attention to the quality of the raw materials and the cared manifacture, still today rigorously handicraft , for these "veracious Neapolitan" and at the same time "very british" ties.