tailors tradition

It represents one of the full stop of the contemporary civilization. This type of suit was born at the end of last century to answer the demand of the economically productive class to be dressed in a practical, sober but however elegant way. The man of the end of 1800 doesn't spend anymore his time exclusively to laze in the salons, but they are daily busy to work in the office, in the bank or in a shop. His clothing fits to the new status and rediscovers the natural lines of the body: the short coulottes grow longer, the volumes of the stuffings and the volants decrease and the cuts are made more simple and linear. Under the spur of this apparent renouncement of the aesthetics, the elegance becomes an even more fine and refined art. Being elegant was and still is a challenge entrusted above all to the care of the particulars. These are the ones that make the personal style an inimitable style. The new man suit is enlivened only by few notes of colour that attenuate the austerity of the dark tones. The waistcoat, the shirt, the tie take in such a way a role of primary importance and they become symbols of a social status, marks of style and elegance.