art of the knot

nodo windsor

It was launched by Edward VIII duke of Windsor. It is not sure that just he invented it, since already his father George V wore a very similar tie-knot. In Italy it is called "Scappino" by the name of the Turinese tie-factory that, shortly before the second world war, gave its own customers a workbook containing the instructions to realize it. It's a knot with a conicstructure, particularly fit to the shirts with an opened wide collar. It turned out a great success in the south of Italy, in Spain and in South America.

You make the wide part (A) pass on the tail (B)...

...then into the duplex and a second time behind the tail (B) and into the duplex.

Then pass it on the tail (B) and a last time into the duplex around the neck.

You finally make it to slip into the ring.