art of the knot

classical knot

The variations of the knots of papillon are of competence of few experts. To a skilled eye bows and ribbons don't seem to change much. What changesis the same nature of the papillon that any time is knotted in a different way: this creates light differences, almost imperceptible. The "Classical" is a particularly composed knot, fit to papillons, ready to be worn, since, once prepared, it is rather difficult to loosen. For thatit is used above all by the tie-sellers for the papillons to sell already knotted.

The right ribbon (A) is inserted into the low duplex...

...then it must be folded up in two and, set transversally, it has to meet with a torsion of 180°.

At this point it is necessary to insert the left ribbon (B) into the duplex...

...and after having folded up the duplex extremity... must be inserted into the ring.