art of the knot

churchill knot

The "Churchill" is a type of papillon that has received a lot of success between the twenties and the fifties when it was the symbol of success and elegance. The particular curvilinear - rectilinear cut of the " Churchill ", gives a certain thickness to the ribbons and to the bows. Such a papillon fits to any occasion. The different use will be imposed therefore by the type of material with which it is realized.

It is necessary to placethe right ribbon (A) on the left one (B)...

...and then it is inserted in the duplex around the neck.

Then the right ribbon (A)passes on the left one (B) folded up in two and placed obliquely.

The extremity of the right ribbon (A) is then fold up and so inserted, from the bottom upwards, into the ring that has been formed.

It is finally necessary to throw the bows and the opposite ribbons.