The history of Marinella family starts with the founder Eugenio Marinella who, when he was 34, and after fifteen years in the field of the men clothing, decided that the moment had come to change the style and the way of dressing of a man of importance. He is just the founder of the " Marinella philosophy ": more than a sale point, a salon where the human relationships are based on availability, courtesy and respect. After him, his son Luigi and today his grandson Maurizio, have brought forth his philosophy making the Marinella ties a real symbol of elegance. In the years before his death, Don Eugenio had imposed his grandson Maurizio, who was about ten, to spend every day a few times in the shop so that he could breathe its air; so Maurizio received two teachings: the one by his grandfather about the relationships with the old clientele, and the one by his father that manages the advent of the economic boom. Maurizio has been able to conjugate the entrepreneurial spirit with the availability for clientele: in the Christmas period, for example, when the queues at the shop are endless, he offers sfogliatelle and coffee to the people in wait. If the small shop in Naples is, today as yesterday, the place of meeting of the elegant people of the whole world, it's dued to the three Marinella generations, that have never wanted to transform the name in a great trademark, but they have preferred to associate to it the image of small shop that today, as in 1914, proposes products of quality in a discreet and convivial but in the meantime informal background.