art of the knot

The knot, hinge and focal point of the tie, derives from a personal creation, a daily gesture that, even though performed following a precise scheme, gives origin to a tie, anytime unique but identical to itself. Through the way of knotting the tie, the man shows, even though unintentionally, his personality. Every knot has got its own name and its own history. During last century the knot of the tie became extremely important, so that small essays, about the various ways of knotting the tie, were printed. The gesture of knotting personally the tie was held since the beginning in great consideration. Luigi XIV preferred to knot himself his own tie chosen among those that every morning the cravatier handed him on a tray. Also Lord Brummel, the English gentleman that launched the new way of conceiving the men elegance, every morning devoted himself with extreme skill to knot personally the tie and if the knot didn't succeed to perfection at the first attempt, he was used to throw away that tie and to take another one. And so on as long as the knot didn't seem be made artfully! The most diffused knot nowadays has appeared in the second half of 1800 and it has started to be successful when the rigid collar was replaced by the soft one. It was probably used at first in the sporting background, probably in London by the visitors of the "four in hand club" who enjoyed themselves in launching new fashions. The idea of knotting the ties, as the bridles of four-in-hand, may be born just there, so that in England the new knot was called "four in hand". The same type of knot in France took the name of régate, since it was used above all by those people who took part to the sail competitions. After all it is nothing else than a variation of a knot, very common on sea, the "parlato" one, often used for the provisional moorings. The sporting origin of the knot would be more than probable, since in last century, even when people practised sport, they were compelled to wear the tie; especially in this background, people were therefore searching new ways of knotting the tie, according to solutions, the most possible practical and lasting. Subsequently the knots have multiplied. In fact on the contrary of what it is believed, they are very numerous. Every knot is fruit of a small invention performed by more or less famous characters. In such a variety of existing knots, we cannot say that a knot is better than another one, but only that there are some of them having more personality than other ones.